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  • What does Strongly Worded Letters do?
    Strongly Worded Letters is dedicated to making activism and community engagement accessible to all by providing community members with easy-to-digest knowledge on local political issues and simple action items to take towards positive social change! We do this with a special emphasis on creating scripts for individuals to use when connecting with their elected officials. We do NOT believe writing letters should be the end of you political action, or that our work is THE solution to social inequity—it's one tool in the social change toolkit, plus it's a good way to organize your thoughts and consider your positions on issues!
  • How do I find out who my representatives are?
    If you don’t know who your representatives are, you can use this link. Once you know the names of your elected officials, as well as the districts you belong to, you can use this document (link coming soon) to acess the contact information for your representatives.
  • What should I say when I contact my representatives?
    The great thing about SWL is that we provide scripts to take the worry of “what to say” out of the equation! Check out our Instagram account, as well as our blog to see scripts for specific issues. However, when making your own statements, the most important thing is that you are speaking honestly about issues that you are passionate about. Here are a few tips! Always mention that you are a constituent! Include your zip code! Cite specific bill names and numbers when you can.
  • What are the Strongly Worded Letters "office hours?""
    Our office hours initiative is designed for when you need to craft a more unique statement, rather than following a script. These situations may include testifying in person at city council meetings, or having any other in-person or one-on-one contact with a representative. At office hours meetings, we can approach crafting your statement a few different ways: You can come to us at the beginning of your process, and we can create your statement from scratch together. You can come to us with a script you have already prepared, and let us help you edit and critique it. When you’ve finished a statement, you can schedule an office hours meeting to rehearse reading your statement aloud. Office hours are held virtually and can be scheduled through direct message on Instagram (@stronglywordedomaha).
  • Why are physical letters important?
    Strongly Worded Letters began as a space for sending handwritten letters to our representatives. While we often encourage folks to send e-mails or make phone calls, we still believe in the power of a well-crafted letter. Apart from phone calls or in-person communications, letters are one of the most impactful ways to reach your representatives. Your representatives are far more likely to open hand-written mail than they are to read a detached and impersonal e-mail, tweet, or petition, and representatives who can be swayed will respond even better to this medium. The act of hand-writing a letter shows a certain passion that cannot be captured in other forms of written communication. Done writing your letter? Keep reading to find out how to keep the social change momentum going!
  • What can I do outside voting and contacting my elected officials?
    Join or support the local mutual aid efforts Omaha Autonomous Action Food Not Bombs Feed the People Everett Free Grocery Program Donate, share, and help fundraise for community members in need Share Venmo, CashApp and GoFundMe campaigns Keep care kits for homeless neighbors you encounter Support organizations that advocate for BIPOC communities and immigrants I Be Black Girl Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition Asian Community & Cultural Center Latino Center of the Midlands, Immigrant Legal Center Many more! Support organizations that advocate for disability justice and accessibility All Things Accessibility, accessible402 Cop-watch: if you see someone, especially a Black or brown person, encounter the police, stop and watch the interaction to make sure the officer knows they’re being watched. Support organizations that advocate for incarcerated or system-impacted people (many of whom cannot vote) Black and Pink RISE Show up to and organize rallies, marches, and protests Support workers who are trying to unionize or achieve better conditions Donate to or volunteer at abortion clinics and abortion funds Get to know your neighbors and coworkers and let them know you’re in this together
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