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Free Palestine: Demand a Ceasefire Now

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

* Content in this post is adapted from this toolkit by the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights with added local context.

Add your voice and call your members of Congress TODAY. Ask them to support Rep. Cori Bush’s ceasefire resolution. Even if your representative won’t add their name, they need to know where their constituents stand.


Deb Fischer

☎️ (202) 224-6551

Pete Ricketts

☎️ (202) 224-4224

House of Representatives:

CD-1: Mike Flood

☎️ (202) 225-4806

CD-2: Don Bacon

☎️ (202) 225-4155

CD-3: Adrian Smith

☎️ (202) 225-6435

We also encourage you to contact your state and local representatives and ask them to speak out. We’ve already seen statements from senators Terrell McKinney and Megan Hunt (let us know if we missed any other statements!) and we applaud their commitment to justice.

🏛 Bonus: Contact the White House and explain how President Joe Biden’s support and funding of Israel may cost him and his administration a second term.

Sample Scripts:

Congress + Senate:

Dear ______,

As your constituent from _________, I am urging you to take action and demand a ceasefire. Palestinians are facing a humanitarian crisis, and we cannot sit idle while a genocide unfolds. I hope you will choose to stand on the right side of history and cease all funding for the IDF.

State Legislature and Governor:

Dear _______,

As your constituent, I am reaching out to you with concern surrounding the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. As someone with greater power and influence than myself, and as my representative, I urge you to reach out to those in power to demand a ceasefire and an end to all funding for the IDF.

White House:

I am urging President Biden and the White House to demand a ceasefire, and stop all funding for the IDF. I am watching the presidents’ actions, and this will be a determining factor in how I vote in November 2024.

Other resources:

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